The Long Run

Last September, I got super sick. I tried to push through the initial fatigue and random symptoms for a few weeks but by mid-October I was getting sicker by the week without a diagnosis or an end in sight. I had been running and training injury and mostly interruption free for a year and a half and was reluctant to stop but realized I had to focus on getting better so shut myself down. I thought I would only have to sit out for a week or two but by mid-November without getting much better and with my lymph nodes still super swollen, doctors decided I needed a lymph node biopsy. Finally, I was diagnosed with Kikuchi Fujimoto Disease, which is super rare and completely bizarre, but overall not the worse disease to have been diagnosed with.

I was cleared to start running again in early January and for the last month, I have been slowly working my way back into some semblance of shape. Working my way back into shape is a lot like going on a long run. Both a long run and regaining fitness are going to take patience, grit, determination, a little sacrifice and some good pals, but the end will be rewarding and coffee-filled. The journey itself can be great too but also filled with doubt, frustration, and more than a few setbacks.

For me, the immediate goal is running the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler on April 1. It is highly unlikely I will set a personal best that day, but I am going to work my butt of trying to make it happen because one can never predict what kind of race day magic will happen. I just need to get to the starting line as fit as I can get myself and, most importantly, healthy.

Happy Running…

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