Sundevich and The Benefits of a (really great) Roommate

Last month, I came across an article in the New York Times about people who live alone titled, “The Freedom, and Perils, of Living Alone” which really resonated with me. As a single gal, I have often contemplated finding a little one bedroom or studio apartment in which I can have all to myself. Yet for various reasons I have always opted to live with a roommate (or three) ever since moving to D.C. in 2004. When it comes down to it, I am a bit of a head case and if I was not forced to socialize via a roommate, I would likely live the life of a hermit. And of course, I have the irrational fear that I might go missing one day and no one would notice until weeks later. So when I read the New York Times article, I contemplated what weird habits I would form if I lived alone (hint: they are not pleasant ones), and immediately e-mailed roommate Alex to thank her for keeping me a bit normal.

When my old roommate Mike moved out of our cozy two bedroom apartment for a job in Santa Monica, CA last fall, I took to the internets, and through the magic of Craigslist, found Alex. I am sure everyone loves food in their own way but I was thrilled to find out that Alex and I both shared a great love of good drink and even better food. Alex wholly embraced Sunday dinners, eats some of my mid-week meals so I don’t end up eating the same meal for days, and even shares her meals with me so I don’t have to go hungry on those days when I work super late and am left without any food. We also have made the habit of including each other when ordering takeout or picking up food at one of the local sandwich shops.

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